Awkward Family Photos

We have that one annoying member of the family tribe.  You know who they are, the one with the camera or the scrapbooking hobby that makes everyone pose for photos at family functions and sometimes requests that everyone dress the same for a family portrait (*shudder*).  "Make sure to wear a white collared shirt with blue jeans so we all match!"  And if you should wear khakis instead of jeans you get put in the back so nobody can see you but from the waist up which everyone will know anyway because whomever's wall said portait is hung upon will make sure to tell the viewer how you almost screwed up the photo because you didn't match. (UGH!)  It just seems so conformist to me.  But these photos in this video are pure gold.  Every decision a perfectly bad one which is what makes them so wonderful.  Candid family photos, in my opinion, is where it's at...because they show how we really are.  Not how someone else thinks we should be.  So go ahead and match, but do it in wetsuits.  Dance in the family circle in your way too cut off shorts that your bits and pieces peek out when you aren't expecting them to join in on the fun.  Life is just too short to be put into a pretty little frame as something you're not.






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